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Intimate Rose

Welcome to Intimate Rose Women’s Health Products - a destination for hope, answers, solutions, and support. Welcome to a proven path toward your goals. You'll be empowered to find relief and build a bond with our community of support. You are not alone.

Body Conceptions by Mahri

Enjoy a promo code for 50% of the first three months of a subscription to Body Conception's On Demand platform, which contain full workouts of different lengths, individual exercises, and prenatal and postnatal exercise sections.

Dr. Juliana Galante

Women’s Health and Orthopedic PT & Run Coach 

Located in Greater Boston: Virtual & PT Services

IG: pacer_physicaltherapy 


Program: Movin Moms Return to Exercise Postpartum Program 

Client discount code: Letsmove to get 10% off

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