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Alyssa does amazing PT work. I not only see her myself, but as a Doula I send many of my clients to her as well. She is so kind, encouraging, and extremely gentle with how she treats peoples bodies which is why I’ve trusted her so much with my doula clients. Especially because pelvic pain/issues can be extremely shameful or triggering for many people.

I advise my clients to go to see her first in pregnancy so that they can learn about how the pelvic floor works/impacts the rest of the body and hopefully prevent injury from happening during birth/early postpartum.

All of them have loved her and have loved the amount of information they learned from her about their bodies. This is not information they are receiving anywhere else, which is why pelvic floor therapy is so critically important for all bodies (even ones who do not have children). Pelvic floor therapy should be just as common as us seeing the eye doctor or dentist.

After having a very traumatic birth myself my healing is a very long work in progress but one of the main differences I’ve noticed since working with Alyssa is I’ve regained some core strength back, healed my diastasis recti, and have more awareness about my body and how I move it throughout the day. Which has helped me immensely to be able to continue my Doula work and to chase after my very active toddler.

Alyssa is the best PT I’ve ever worked with, and I highly recommend her! 


In every health profession there are practitioners who stand out and excel because they care about connecting to their patients, have a knack for putting them at ease, are honest and open about sensitive health concerns, and have a vast range of expertise and experience. 
Alyssa does all of this, consistently and at every visit. She sends follow up emails after each session with video links to helpful exercises and links to products you can order for extra support and relief. Alyssa deserves an abundance of accolades for all she has done and has to offer in her practice!


I am so grateful to have found Alyssa, she is an incredibly caring PT as well as a truly kind person and has helped me in my pelvic floor journey in every way possible. She always listens to me and any concerns I have, asks for my thoughts and participation when forming my treatment plan, and is always supportive and compassionate. She provides a comfortable and safe environment which is so important to me because pelvic PT can be such a vulnerable place. I immediately feel at ease when I walk into the room, and know that she is always there to help me in any way she can. Alyssa has helped me to feel hopeful and confident in my pelvic floor journey and I am so thankful to have her in my corner!


Alyssa is an incredibly knowledgeable, attentive, and kind Physical Therapist. I came to see her regarding a knee injury and was immediately put at ease by her welcoming personality.  She was able to assess the issue and put together a manageable plan to reduce my pain and rebuild my strength in the area.  I really appreciated her dedication to my recovery as she was always  sending me exercises, following up on my progress and was always available to answer questions or address my concerns between sessions. I absolutely love working with Alyssa and highly recommend her for any physical therapy needs.


I started seeing Alyssa for pelvic floor therapy last year and she has helped me tremendously! She is extremely knowledgeable and I trust her expertise completely. Alyssa is also very personable and kind, which helps put you at ease during appointments. I also love how practical she is. She helps me find effective ways to fit exercises into my busy schedule.


Alyssa is the best! She is knowledgeable, personable, and caring. After twenty years of hip pain, her pelvic floor treatment has changed my life.


I met Alyssa three years ago and have been thankful ever since! When I first was recommended to physical therapy I didn't have high expectations on how effective the process would be. I was having serious upper back pain and was very stiff in my movements. Alyssa diagnosed me and gave me amazing exercises to help build my core muscles and great stretches to increase flexibility. She's knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable with every appointment we had. Not many PTs take the time to explain in detail the issues one can be facing and how to fix the issue. She would ask questions from my day to day activities, even down to the type of chair I was using in my home office. I would recommend her to any and every person that needs a tune up or regimenes to improve any posture or pain issues. She's 5 stars in my book.


She is so incredibly kind and thoughtful and patient! I wish more healthcare providers were as compassionate as she is!


I was hoping for information and relief. I got more of both than I could have imagined: improvement after one session.


My physical therapist Alyssa has been amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and compassionate. Her assessments are thorough, she listens to all of my concerns, and she gives me customized exercises to do at home. I've had many physical therapists and Alyssa is one of the best. She really cares about both my physical and emotional well-being and health which is rare to find! And she frequently speaks to my physician which is also rare but so helpful.


I have done PT several times over the years and working with Alyssa was definitely the best experience I've had. Very methodical, helpful, and extremely warm and friendly so the time flew by. Was having trouble with back pain, and I made a great amount of progress quite quickly - Would definitely recommend!


Alyssa has helped my aching feet and my balance.  I depend on our sessions as part of my wellness program.
I absolutely recommend working with Alyssa.


I saw Alyssa for pelvic floor therapy starting in my second trimester of pregnancy through three months postpartum and I can't say enough good things about her!  First, she has a clear expertise on how the body works and what it needs.  She provided me with a clear and easy-to-follow exercise routine for each stage of pregnancy and postpartum - as my body changed, so did the exercises.  As a result, my body was very well prepared for the physical demands of delivery and was also set up for a quick recovery (almost no tearing!).  Postpartum, she helped me quickly heal my prolapse and diastasis recti - at 12 weeks postpartum, both issues have nearly completely resolved.  Second, and perhaps more importantly and what makes Alyssa so unique, is her incredible warmth, empathy, and kindness.  She clearly understands how scary and overwhelming pregnancy can be, so she made every effort to support me in whatever way I needed.  She created a safe space in which I could be honest about what was going on and to be able to talk through it - with zero judgement.  She made me feel like she was in it with me and made it obvious how much she cared about my wellbeing.  I would recommend Alyssa whole-heartedly!  She is the absolute best!



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